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Niagara Taekwondo respect

Class Schedule

At Niagara Taekwondo, we recognize the challenges of busy family schedules. That's why we provide a highly flexible class schedule, offering daily options for various age groups and skill levels. Families can conveniently choose classes that align with their timetables, ensuring that martial arts fits seamlessly into their lives.

Niagara Falls School Schedule
St. Catharines School Schedule
Fort Erie School Schedule
Fonthill School Schedule

Monthly Events and Notices


Free Trial Class

We offer a no-obligation, no-strings-attached free trial class. Martial arts is more than just an activity; it's a transformative journey that shapes your character, fosters leadership, and instills confidence to face challenges fearlessly. Having the right Master, instructor, and classes is crucial to fully benefit from martial arts training.


That's why we provide a free trial class, allowing you to experience our program firsthand and determine if it aligns with your aspirations.

Experience the Benefits of
Taekwondo Training Today!

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